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HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

Breast Thermography

Painting a Target on HPV

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Painting a Target on HPV explores the conventional and alternative treatments for HPV and the conventional and alternative treatments for cervical dysplasia – including escharotic treatment and an immunity-building diet.

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Breast Thermography and Treatment for Cervical Dysplasia

Most women are clear on the benefits of regular screening for reproductive cancers and breast cancer. Cervical screening, for example, can detect early changes in the cervical cells which, if left untreated, could lead to cervical cancer. The standard treatment for such cells is often a LEEP treatment, which can have significant and long-lasting side-effects. For this reason, many women are now considering alternative treatment for CIN. We offer a range of alternatives to LEEP procedures, enabling women to benefit from the removal of abnormal cells without the trauma of LEEP.

In Good Hands with the Best Doctor for HPV in the Area

Our innovative treatment, which offers a real alternative to HPV surgery, involves covering the cervix with an escharotic compound containing zinc chloride and bloodroot. This compound causes the diseased, abnormal cells to slough off, leaving healthy cervical cells in the vast majority of cases. This procedure is coupled with the adoption of a special diet to boost the immune system, alongside appropriate supplementation.

HPV Natural Treatment

When it comes to how to avoid surgery for dysplasia, our escharotic therapy can work exceptionally well. Less invasive than LEEP, this procedure is ideal for women who are looking for holistic HPV doctors who adopt a whole-body approach to reproductive care. We can also carry out follow up testing and screening, including gynecological exams and a selection of natural treatments for HPV (the group of viruses which are thought to be responsible for the vast majority of cases of cervical cancer) and natural treatments for cervical dysplasia.

Breast Screening Services and LEEP Alternatives

As well as alternatives to dysplasia surgery, we also offer thermography breast screening. This technique uses infrared to measure temperature throughout the breasts, providing a thermal “map” of blood vessels. Alterations in blood vessels or increased blood flow may indicate tumor growth. Our professional, skilled team could really make a difference to your gynecological health. To find out more, call us for an appointment at (312) 343-6425.

If you would like to receive a comprehensive gynecological exam; if you would like to be tested or treated for HPV or cervical dysplasia; or if you would like breast thermography:
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