If you have been diagnosed with either HPV or cervical dysplasia, you need medical advice from practitioners who really understand your circumstances. That’s why you need to make sure you find doctors who have experience treating HPV and its symptoms. When HPV goes unchecked and causes the development and proliferation of abnormal cells throughout the cervix, the resulting condition needs to be treated. When you have already developed cervical dysplasia, natural treatment that does not disrupt your other healthcare goals is the best way to start reeling in those symptoms.

Getting Your Body Back on Track

When HPV has gone unchecked for long enough to cause symptoms of dysplasia, it can result in a number of changes to your system. The first thing the doctor will do to get your health headed in the right direction is an evaluation of your daily lifestyle and nutrition. Using the proper dietary advice and recommending lifestyle changes will help to stabilize your internal environment so your body’s immune system will be able to help you fight off the virus.

Combining those changes with more traditional medical supports means getting the most effective medicine possible while reconditioning your body to be as healthy as possible. It’s not going to be instantaneous. Holistic treatments are based on changing the long-term balance of your body’s biochemistry, so you will need to be patient and consistent in your application of the doctor’s advice.

Testing is the First Step

If you have experienced symptoms of discomfort or outbreaks that make you worried you have contracted HPV, or if you have simply never been tested, it’s time to do that now. The fact is that over 80 percent of all adult women carry the virus, and it can be contracted from either a partner or at birth. Since the vast majority of those who carry it do not develop symptoms unless the virus causes a more severe health condition, testing for the virus is a key way to pre-screen for cervical dysplasia; natural treatment can then take over from there.


If you do not know your status, it is time to get checked out. After that, it is easy to set up regular screenings for dysplasia if need be. If you do not need to be screened because you have not yet contracted the virus, there is a vaccine available. Otherwise, the doctor may even recommend starting on holistic treatments as a preventative measure. Visit the website drnickleroy.com for more information.