If you are one of the millions of women in the United States who has contracted the human papilloma virus, you might not even know it. While there have been vaccines available for more than a decade, low adoption rates fueled by a lack of education about prevention have left infection rates high. Luckily, there is a holistic treatment for HPV that has proven to be very effective at reducing the symptoms caused by HPV infection and reducing or even eliminating cervical dysplasia that has resulted from an untreated infection.

Treating this virus holistically typically means making several changes to both your diet and your overall lifestyle, in addition to any direct medical treatments the doctor prescribes. With the right combination of diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and regular medical supervision, it is possible to prevent the damage this virus does in the long-term while suppressing all its symptoms in the short-term.

Testing and Diagnosis

Since eighty percent of American adult women carry the virus, it is a good idea to get tested if you have not already. Even if you don’t believe you have been with a partner who has this condition, it can be passed from mother to child easily. On top of that, the vast majority of the carriers of this virus have no symptoms, regardless of gender. That means it is possible to have been carrying it from birth without knowing. This makes knowing your status even more important.

Once you know whether or not you have contracted the virus, it is easier to understand whether or not you should seek holistic treatment for HPV. If you have contracted the virus, but you show no symptoms of infection, you will still want to be monitored for signs that an infection could start, and you will also want to have regular screenings for cervical dysplasia and cervical cancers. That way, if any irregularities do crop up, it will be easier for you to get treatment early.


Chances are that the doctor will want you to explore treatment if you test positive, even if you are asymptomatic. That is because the changes to your routine that a holistic treatment for HPV will put in place are designed to preserve your health and to promote wellness going forward. As a result, they can be very effective as a method of prevention. The sooner you know your status and contact a doctor about seeking treatment, the easier it will be to put your health on an even footing now and into the future. Click here for more information.