Breast Thermography

Early detection of breast cancer is essential for optimizing a woman’s ability not only to survive, but also to thrive. The more lead time a woman has, the more power she has to take charge of the situation, to stop the growth or spread of cancer, and to heal on every level, through any number of conventional and alternative breast cancer treatments – from surgery and radiation, to diet and lifestyle modification.

Breast Thermography

Breast thermography is an effective adjunctive to mammograms.

Limitations and Risks of Mammograms

Conventional tools for breast cancer prevention include breast exams and mammograms. While mammograms are relatively effective in breast cancer detection, they are challenged with identifying the presence of cancer in dense breasts, and therefore have limited application in young women. In fact, the most recent breast cancer screening guidelines released by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends to not start mammograms until fifty and decrease the frequency of mammograms to every other year after fifty.

Given these limitations and risks, many women are seeking additional safe, diagnostic testing. Breast thermography – which is FDA-approved as an adjunctive breast cancer screening test – is the most compelling addition to mammograms, as validated by hundreds of scientific studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Extensive clinical trials have shown that breast thermography improves long-term survival by as much as 61%.

Alternative To Mammograms

Advantages of Thermograms

Here’s how breast thermography is thought to work: As cancer cells develop and form into a tumor, they open existing blood vessels and create new ones, ever-hungry for nutrients. All this activity leads to a temperature increase on the surface of the breast – extra “heat” that is detectable through infrared thermography. For this reason, breast thermography seems able to identify not only the presence of a tumor, but also the activity leading up to the development of that tumor.

Breast thermograms are equally effective with all breast densities and on breasts that have been surgically altered. Breast Thermography is a useful adjunct to obtain addition information when presented with suspicious findings from other tests – ultrasounds, mammograms, physical exams, and so on.

Breast Thermograms

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Dr. LeRoy has performed comprehensive breast exams and breast thermograms on thousands of women – effectively helping them prevent or get early treatment for breast cancer. View “normal” and “abnormal” breast thermograms from Dr. LeRoy’s case studies, to see clearly how breast thermography may aid in the early detection of breast cancer. Please be advised that these photos are graphic images of breasts, both with and without tumors. View breast thermography case studies now.

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