Painting a Target on HPV

Conventional medicine claims there is no treatment for HPV and that loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) and conization surgery are the only treatments for cervical dysplasia. In Painting a Target on HPV, women’s health specialist Dr. Nick LeRoy reveals decades of evidence to the contrary, effectively challenging the OBGYN standard of care. Following a comprehensive evaluation of the current standard of care for treating HPV and cervical dysplasia, this book offers a detailed, scientific exploration of the natural treatments for cervical dysplasia, both topical and oral, which have proven effective.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. LeRoy has utilized both treatments simultaneously and, as a result, has eliminated mild to severe cervical dysplasia and HPV, in hundreds of women, with a 99% success rate for eliminating cervical dysplasia and a 91% success rate for eliminating HPV. Dr. LeRoy has documented hundreds of cases, some of which are featured in Painting a Target on HPV and the rest of which Dr. LeRoy is currently preparing for submission to peer-reviewed journals, as the first case series of its kind.

painting a target on HPV
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