What Patients Say

If you suffer from cervical dysplasia, please go see Dr. Leroy! I am very thankful to have met him. He is great at what he does and is very knowledgeable. I always felt very comfortable around him, and he really listens. I suffered from cervical dysplasia for five years. Nothing seemed to work! I went to four different gynecologists, had one LEEP procedure, and four colposcopies. I still had cervical dysplasia. After much stress and anxiety, I found Dr. Leroy online and made an appointment. His office is laid back, and I never had to wait to be seen. Dr. Leroy did seven treatments on my cervix, which took about a month and a half. (I saw him once or twice a week for the treatment). After a few months of taking his recommended supplements, I did a repeat pap and it was normal, after five years – which is such a great feeling!
R. Davis


After being told to “wait and see” if my body would clear the high-risk HPV strain I was diagnosed with, I was scared and frustrated – which led me to seek out alternative treatments for HPV. I called Dr. LeRoy after walking by his office, and I was comforted by the fact that he took 30 minutes (over the phone) to explain HPV, its concerns, possible treatments, etc. I immediately booked an appointment to see him in person. Fast-forward six months, and I’ve been cleared of HPV. I can’t thank Dr. LeRoy enough for his bedside manner, dedication, and research. It makes me sad that there aren’t more practitioners like Dr. LeRoy: medical professionals who encourage taking action instead of playing the waiting game.
S. Lomasney


For years, I suffered the misery of HPV – until the day my luck finally changed, when I located Dr. LeRoy online. After speaking with him at length on the phone, I knew I had to go, even though he was hundreds of miles away from where I lived. Dr. LeRoy was my best hope at a true cure for HPV, and working with him turned out to be the best decision I have ever made for my health. Dr. LeRoy was wonderful. He worked around my flight schedule, seeing me sometimes in early morning hours or on weekends. If you suffer from HPV, you know the emotional pain and fear that come along with it. Dr. LeRoy treated me with compassion and understanding and showed me photos of the results every step of the way, so I could see the progress as it happened. Dr. LeRoy finally gave me the HPV cure that I had looked for, for so long. The day I heard him tell me the test results were “negative” was one of the happiest days of my life. I would recommend Dr. LeRoy to absolutely every woman who has endured HPV. You will not be sorry. He gave me my life back, and he can give yours back too.
C. James


My 26 year old daughter had severe dysplasia and had undergone a LEEP procedure, with continued progression of the disease thereafter. In less than four months of Dr. Leroy’s escharotic treatments, my daughter has a normal PAP with no cervical dysplasia! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Leroy, for giving my daughter the gift of health.
Elle G.


A friend of mine had been going to Dr. LeRoy and recommended I see him, prior to going to extremes. Of course, my formally-educated mind could not conceive that anything other than traditional medicine could help me, but my mind also told me to explore options. I am so thankful I took my friend’s advice. From my first appointment, Dr. LeRoy began to ease the fear instilled in me from my original doctor. I was impressed by how intuitive he was – as if I had been his patient for years. He took the time to explain the process to me and answered every question. As grateful as I am for his humanity, I can’t understate the most important thing: The treatments worked! Thanks to Dr. LeRoy, my latest test results were normal. How do you thank someone for being kind and for getting you healthy? There are no words. I strongly and confidently recommend Dr. LeRoy. You owe it to yourself to be educated and know your options.
Anna S.


My cervical dysplasia went from mild/low grade to moderate/high grade, and I didn’t want a LEEP procedure, so I searched for LEEP procedure alternatives online and found Dr. LeRoy. From the moment I met him, I found him to be very friendly, with an upbeat personality. He made me feel at ease, when he told me he could treat my cervical dysplasia with very good results. While my regular gyno instilled fear in me with the LEEP procedure and the possibility of my cervical dysplasia coming back, Dr. LeRoy made my fears go away and told me that the cervical dysplasia could be eliminated. Dr. LeRoy answered my many questions (and I had a lot of them) and I actually felt like he cared about me. He even let me see what the cervical dysplasia looked like with a mirror, and he took pictures with each treatment, to see the cervical dysplasia regressing, and finally gone. I would highly recommend Dr. LeRoy to anyone seeking alternative treatments for cervical dysplasia or other ailments you may have.
M. Foley


After researching holistic doctors across the country, I finally found Dr. LeRoy, who among other things, performs escharotic treatments for cervical dysplasia. Looking for natural alternatives to the LEEP procedure, for severe grade three cervical dysplasia, I turned to him for help. The experience I had with Dr. LeRoy not only cured my illness, but gave me insight to the amazing world of natural medicine. Not only did Dr. LeRoy make me feel comfortable every step of the way, but he also made me feel reassured and optimistic about the approach I had chosen to treat my condition. I would recommend Dr. LeRoy to anyone seeking an alternative to conventional medicine. He is very well-educated and experienced, and his results speak for themselves! My gratitude cannot be expressed enough.
Tasha R.


Dr. LeRoy is the best doctor ever! I have had cervical dysplasia for a few years now, and it was starting to look like I might need to consider the LEEP procedure in the future. I was getting frustrated with the “wait and see” approach and did not want to possibly have surgery, so I decided to try the homeopathic route. It was the best decision I could have made. Dr. LeRoy healed my cervical dysplasia within six months! I’m so happy and grateful for his help. Not only does his treatment work, but he truly is a wonderful doctor. He listens to you and keeps it real with you. He always answered any questions I had, even if they were unrelated health questions, and he always had great advice. I have recommended him to my family and friends and would definitely recommend him to you.
Aimee F.


When all the MDs wanted to put me on meds, because they couldn’t figure how to get rid of my headaches, Dr. Nick LeRoy came to my rescue. Dr. LeRoy is a chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapist. Using these techniques and a change in my diet, Dr. LeRoy cured me of months of chronic pain in a matter of weeks. As a matter of fact, I walked out of my first visit feeling better. You don’t get more holistic than him, and he’s a great guy on top of all that. My only complaint is that he’s spoiled me, and now no other physician can measure up.
Kim Y.


I was recently diagnosed with HPV and CIN1, mild cervical dysplasia. My OBGYN said, “We’ll watch and wait and see if your body clears it. Start taking better care of yourself and take some vitamins.” Meanwhile, my family history of cancer sent me straight to my family member who happens to be an MD. He recommended a full hysterectomy to save my life. I was frightened to death to have to take such a step at 48 years old and also never having a bad pap result before. I went straight to researching holistic and natural approaches and educated myself on this virus and on what can be done other than watch and wait for this thing to progress to cancer – which is how I found Dr. LeRoy.
He helped me realize that, having been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism (an autoimmune disorder), it would have been impossible for my body to heal itself. His expertise and 20 years of experience with using the escharotic solution natural treatment, and all his intelligence around how to heal the body, is nothing but excellent, better than any MD I have encountered. Don’t allow them to cut on you, remove body parts, or take harsh approaches to these issues – like a hysterectomy. There is a natural solution. Dr. Nick LeRoy is practicing this solution, and he cured me. In addition, he supported my being an out-of-town patient, offering up office visits and treatments on the weekends. Yes, weekends! I didn’t have to try to take off work to be treated. Also, the treatments are so inexpensive, I can hardly believe it. This doctor is a healer, and he gives to his patients.

I had 10 treatments, made lifestyle changes with food and supplements, and am now a very healthy, HPV- and CIN1-free woman. I have just received a clean pap test result. Dr. LeRoy called me at 9 pm, the evening he received the results, because he knew I would want to know this fantastic news as soon as possible. In less than four months, he has done more than just heal my cervix and clear this terrible virus. He is also helping me with the autoimmune disease. He is really there for you, listens to you, and ensures that you leave his office with an understanding of what is really happening, when you have complex health issues.
He is one extraordinary, extremely intelligent, funny, and endlessly working doctor. He is dedicated to healing and to his patients. I have no doubt in my mind that Dr. LeRoy saved my life. My health was spiraling down a fast, terrible path, and he helped me make the right decisions with my health, so that I can stay well. I will always go to him, moving forward, for my annual pap smear and breast thermography. I will travel from out of town to wherever he is practicing. I highly recommend him.

R. Hensley


I am a healthy, 24 year old woman with no prior health issues. In August of 2012 I went to my normal doctor, for my annual, and found out I had an abnormal pap with mild cervical dysplasia and high-risk HPV. I was devastated, and my doctor was not able to answer all my questions. I decided to go ahead with a colposcopy to get screened for cervical cancer. At that point, I was advised to wait six months, to see if my body cleared the HPV. Six months later with no change, I was faced with choosing to get the LEEP procedure, to remove the cervical dysplasia, or to just keep waiting. I was very depressed and frustrated that my only options were 1) damaging my chances of having children or 2) waiting to see how a virus handled itself in my body.
That’s when I started doing research and found Dr. LeRoy’s website. Finally I had found what I was looking for – natural treatments for cervical dysplasia and HPV. I called right away to get an appointment. Dr. LeRoy worked around my schedule, and for the first time, I felt like I was talking to a doctor who really understood what I was going through and had a simple, tried-and-true solution. Dr. LeRoy suggested feasible dietary and lifestyle changes, along with the internal bloodroot applications. Being desperate for change and improvement in my health, these changes were not hard. Just eat your leafy greens, take your vitamins, and exercise a few times a week.
At each treatment, I got to see the changes happening to the dysplasia on my cervix. I could see that my body was healing itself, with help from an herbal tincture, and I became more determined to make those small dietary and lifestyle changes permanent, for better health. After only seven treatments, over the course of three weeks, I was retested. In less than one month, I had a normal pap, zero cervical dysplasia, and no detectable HPV.
I am overjoyed to share that there is another solution that helps your body heal itself, with the only side effect of better health! Working with Dr. LeRoy has changed my life, and I no longer feel absolutely helpless. Dr. LeRoy is knowledgeable, dedicated, and an absolute breath of fresh air in the modern medical world. I highly recommend him as a women’s health specialist and general practitioner. I will not be seeing any other doctor, from now on!
M. Morley


I am a 25 year-old healthy female, with a history of irregular menstrual cycles. When I had them, they would be extremely heavy and painful, but I could go for months without having them at all. I went to multiple doctors, to figure out what caused this irregularity and how it could be fixed. A few doctors suggested that I take oral birth control to regulate my cycle.
In October, I had a regular PAP test and began birth control shortly after. My cycles were normal again, but when I went for my follow up PAP in March, my physician told me that I had atypical cells and needed to do a biopsy. The results of the biopsy showed that I developed mild cervical dysplasia. I asked what I needed to do to remedy this. He assured me that as long as I wasn’t a smoker, it would clear up on its own, and there was nothing to worry about. I asked if the birth control had anything to do with it. He said no and again reassured me that my body’s immune system would clear it up.
I was told to follow up in a couple of months, for another biopsy and colposcopy. When I returned, the doctor still saw atypical cells and sent a sample to the lab for further analysis. A few days later, I received a phone call for my doctor, saying that my mild cervical dysplasia had progressed to the next stage of moderate cervical dysplasia and that the next step was for me to have a medical procedure – taking a scalpel to scrape the abnormal cells off of my cervic. From my research on this procedure, I found that there was no guarantee that the cervical dysplasia would not come back, and that multiple rounds of this procedure could lead to later fertility complications.

My partner saw that I was terrified and began researching alternative treatments for cervical dysplasia, which is how I got to Dr. LeRoy. From the first phone conversation, he was very attentive and reassuring that there was an alternative way to cure the cervical dysplasia. A week later, I drove two hours to Chicago, to meet with him. I asked many questions, and the first piece of advice he gave was to stop taking the oral birth-control; because it is known that the synthetic hormones interferes with a woman’s natural biology.

I began treatment that day. Dr. LeRoy gave me a mirror and let me look at my cervix, so that I could see what the abnormal cells looked like. My previous doctor never even showed me a clear enough picture, let alone let me see it in the flesh. In a 20 minute procedure, Dr. LeRoy put a solution directly onto my cervix and placed in a vaginal suppository, which I kept in for 24 hours. It wasn’t painful at all. Dr. LeRoy could not guarantee how many treatments it would take, noting that women respond differently. However, he did take into consideration that I drove four hours round-trip, and he scheduled me about every 10 days to come in and get the same treatment. He also changed up my diet, adding more leafy green veggies, less meat, and adding a regular vitamin regimen to my day. Within 12 visits, everything had cleared up (trust me – he always gave me the mirror, so that I could see the progress). I went back to my previous physician, got another PAP and everything came back regular.
Dr. LeRoy was great to work with, and I tell everyone about him. I appreciate his natural health and wellness approach, and I really did feel safe allowing him treat me. If I ever have any more issues, I would never hesitate to jump on the highway and make that four hour trip for a doctor I trust.

C Dander


I don’t know any other way to put it than to say Dr. LeRoy gets it, all of it, for patients with HPV. His knowledge on the subject is incredible, his approach to patients – not settling for a ‘watch and wait’ strategy but empowering patients medically and physically – makes you feel like someone
finally understands what it is like to struggle with HPV. Dr. LeRoy customizes the approach to each patient, acknowledges her concerns and
incorporates all of those elements into this approach to developing a therapeutic alliance with the patient. I would not have been able to be where I am now, physically and emotionally, without his treatment and knowledge on HPV and its therapy.
Jean F.