What to Expect

Dr. LeRoy is only available for consultation services at this time. He is not currently providing breast thermography services and thermography information on this site is only for educational purposes. 

Dr. LeRoy is not only a women’s health specialist but also a patient advocate. He recognizes that you are the supreme authority over your body and that if you complain of a symptom, it is real. For this reason, what you have to say is essential in guiding the diagnostic process. Dr. LeRoy additionally is devoted to patient education and empowerment, and for these reasons, he will take the time to explain details of what is going on with your health condition, as well as what steps you can take in healing from this condition.

What to Expect

Dr. LeRoy makes it easy for women to get natural treatment for HPV and cervical dysplasia.

Women’s Health

During the initial hour-long visit, Dr. LeRoy will ask questions about your medical history, your health goals, and whatever concerns brought you to see him. He also will perform any relevant physical examinations or blood work. In the follow-up visit, Dr. LeRoy will present you with a report of his findings, which he will discuss with you – including what is going on in your body; what protocol he recommends, to resolve the core issue (whether natural treatments for HPVnatural treatments for cervical dysplasia, or natural breast cancer prevention including mammogram alternatives); and how long your treatment will take. You will have the chance to ask questions and voice any concerns, which Dr. LeRoy will talk about with you. From there, Dr. LeRoy and you will agree upon a course of action and schedule any additional visits.

Breast thermography preparation requires that on the morning of your breast thermogram, you refrain from using underarm deodorant and applying any creams or lotions to your breasts. You also need to refrain from vigorous exercise/activities for four hours prior to your appointment.

After arriving at the office, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork that takes approximately 10 minutes, and you will be brought to the imaging room, where Dr. LeRoy will take a relevant history. Dr. LeRoy will leave the room for 15 minutes, during which time you will disrobe from the waste up and acclimate to the ambient temperature of the room, so that heat will not be “trapped” on the breasts. Dr. LeRoy will re-enter the room, perform the breast thermography, then discuss the results with you. At this time, he will indicate whether there are abnormal findings that require additional diagnostic imaging. Dr. LeRoy then will perform a physical breast examination and correlate those findings with the breast thermography findings.

Within several days of your breast thermogram, Dr. LeRoy will complete a report and email it to you, along with a .jpg of the breast thermography images. Upon request, he will also send your report to your referring doctor.

Typically, the entire office visit takes about 45 minutes.

Initial Appointment

Dr. LeRoy will spend about an hour with you, covering the following:

  • review history and lab tests
  • discuss treatment
  • perform first escharotic treatment, taking before and after images
  • discuss treatment images
  • outline treatment plan that includes diet and supplement regimen

Follow-up Appointments

Dr. LeRoy will spend about 15 minutes doing subsequent escharotic treatments, as necessary – applying the escharotic solution, taking before and after images, and discussing these images with you. Upon request, Dr. LeRoy will email images to you, so that you can track your progress.

Treatment Frequency

For local HPV and cervical dysplasia patients, escharotic treatment is typically performed once per week. For patients traveling to Chicago from out of town, Dr. LeRoy recommends two treatments in a row (e.g. Friday and Saturday), performed once or twice per month. This approach is more cost-effective than having to fly or drive in for weekly treatment.

Duration of Treatment

An average of 6-10 escharotic treatments are necessary to eliminate HPV and/or cervical dysplasia. With difficult cases, which occur about 10% of the time, as many as 15-20 escharotic treatments are necessary to eliminate HPV and/or cervical dysplasia. Whatever the number in your case, Dr. LeRoy will continue treatment until it appears that all the abnormal cells have been eliminated. Four weeks later, a pap or colposcopy is performed by Dr. LeRoy or by your local doctor.

Is the Treatment Painful?

The escharotic solution that is used for treatment is caustic to abnormal cells; in fact, the very purpose is for this solution to kill dysplastic and HPV-infected cells. Fortunately, it accomplishes this with little or no effect on healthy tissue. About 40% of women will experience some cramping with the treatment, lasting from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. This discomfort, if it occurs, can be managed with ibuprofen or acetaminophen and has never been severe to the point of discontinuing treatment.

Does the Treatment Cause Scarring?

Absolutely not. Escharotic treatment never causes scarring. Click here to find out more about escharotic treatment. Please be advised that these photos are graphic images of infected and healed cervices.

Airport and Train Information

There are two airports in Chicago that are about the same distance from our office, Midway and O’hare. Both have trains that will bring you right to our front door, although you’ll want to transfer to the Green Line in downtown Chicago for the last leg of the trip. From Chicago O’hare take the Blue Line to 1002 W. Lake St. (the office); and take the Orange Line to 1002 W. Lake St. if you are arriving at Midway.

Dr. LeRoy is usually available every day of the week (yes, that includes Sunday) for women seeking HPV treatment. We suggest that you first call and confirm that Dr. LeRoy is available on your desired dates, then book your airline tickets; we can then schedule the specific times based upon your flight schedule.

Lodging Information

One of the more affordable lodgings that is within walking distance, and in Greek Town for those of you who might fancy a gyro, is the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a hostel that is clean and affordable.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is also within walking distance.

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