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Escharotic Treatment Selectivity

The mainstay of natural therapy for cervical dysplasia and HPV is the application of an escharotic solution to the cervix. The term escharotic is derived from the root word eschar, which is a scab or sloughing of dead skin. Escharotics have the ability to kill abnormal cells which makes them ideal for treating precancerous conditions such as cervical dysplasia. […]

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Escharotic Treatment: How It Works

Here's how escharotic treatment works: Escharotic treatment has an affinity for HPV-infected and dysplastic cells, clearly causing their destruction as demonstrated with the formation of an eschar or scab. This creates localized inflammation and an immune response ensues. Within hours of cervical cell destruction and inflammation, blood-borne white blood cells, known as monocytes, migrate to the site [...]

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